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Building Tomorrow’s Leaders...Today!

At Civility Institute, we believe that every young person has the ability to make a difference. Our mission is to provide them with the tools and platform to do so! We use various educational techniques to promote leadership development and civic engagement.

What we teach

Through our signature curriculum, Civility in Action, we teach individuals to become an agent of social change.  Whether it is affirming character, strengthening courage, inspiring compassion or building competence – we are equipping youth with an arsenal of tools in civility.

Our Approach

The 3P's


We understand that the majority of behaviors, infractions and referrals that interrupt student success are rooted in antisocial behaviors. CIA replaces those behaviors with tools of civility.


We assume two premises:
(1) That many youth in today’s culture have not received formal instruction in civility, etiquette and/or respect. Without being taught these appropriate behaviors, youth will continue to demonstrate undesirable behaviors.
(2) Today’s youth are super-saturated with countless negative images from social media, lewd music lyrics and iconic figures that project distasteful images of social success. As such, we must counter these negative images by intentionally saturating their subconscious with new images of social success.


We intentionally create an environment where youth “want to be” and want to learn and then teach them with tools through a fun and interactive manner. We then immediately create scenarios in which students are required to transfer and demonstrate their new knowledge. Finally, we strategically input images and insight that students will aspire towards and thereby become agents of social change.

Our Objectives







Our Services

Civility Institute, LLC is built on years of expertise in the educational and programming arenas. As such, our team is eager to provide the following services:

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