For Youth


You can change the world.

Do you ever look around and think, “something has to change?” Well, what are YOU going to do to make that change happen? You have all that you need to be the difference that you know this world needs!


Learn powerful tools to:

Effectively say what’s on your mind.

Work through conflict in a civil way.

Build on the character and qualities that make you unique.

Define civic engagement and lead social change!

Explore how to become an agent of change

Right now, many are looking for ways to make a difference. Individuals are finding ways to DO SOMETHING, and every small action counts. Explore what you can do today that will lead to a better tomorrow for us all.

Ready to Get Started?

Our mission is to equip young people with tools of civility to become agents of social change. You can help make the world better and create a culture of civility. It starts right here. Right now!