The High Road

Character The High Road Our character is best revealed when we are faced with a choice to go low or go high on challenging issues. In today’s world, there are so many opportunities to take the high road and demonstrate civility in action. Plan for Social Change: 1.  Identify an issue, situation, topic, etc. that […]


Compassion Considerate Compassion Creates Change Compassion causes us to look beyond ourselves and to consider the needs of others. If we dare to act out of compassion, a powerful tool of civility, the more change we will create. What is the meaning of the word compassion? Terminology Talk “Compassion is a feeling of sympathy or […]


Courage Stand Up! Change happens when the regular flow of things is interrupted. It only takes one person to have enough courage to stand up and bring about necessary change. Now is the time to become that person by developing a heart and mind of courage. What is the meaning of the word courage? Terminology […]