Each One Teach One

Competence Each One Teach One One of the greatest ways to create social change is to understand your power and share it with the world. By utilizing your knowledge and skills to make environments better, you empower others to do the same. Plan for Social Change: 1.  Identify the skill, talent, knowledge or ability that […]

Compassion Project

Compassion The Compassion Project When we are truly compassionate, we move from being concerned about an issue to take action in order to help fix it. Be a true agent of social change by choosing an issue that moves your heart, and moving toward a change in that area. Plan for Social Change: 1. Choose […]

The High Road

Character The High Road Our character is best revealed when we are faced with a choice to go low or go high on challenging issues. In today’s world, there are so many opportunities to take the high road and demonstrate civility in action. Plan for Social Change: 1.  Identify an issue, situation, topic, etc. that […]